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Manessi Hotel Δωμάτια


Directions to Manessi Boutique Hotel

Arriving by High-Speed Boat (Flying Cat, Aero, etc.):
Upon your arrival at Poros via a high-speed boat, such as Flying Cat or Aero, exit the boat and turn left. Walk for approximately 70 meters along the main road. You will find Manessi Boutique Hotel conveniently located on this main road. Please note that the entrance to our hotel is on the right side, where you will ascend a short flight of 15 stairs to reach us.

Arriving by Large Ferry (Faidon, Apollo, etc.) or Car Ferry from Peloponnese:
If your journey to Poros involves traveling by a larger ferry boat like Faidon or Apollo, or if you are arriving with your car via the small ferry from Peloponnese, you will need to turn right upon disembarking. If driving, it’s a brief one-minute drive along the main road. For those on foot, it’s a leisurely 12-minute walk. Follow the main road to the right, and you will easily spot Manessi Boutique Hotel situated just below the iconic clock tower.

We look forward to welcoming you to our charming location in the heart of Poros, where comfort and convenience meet.

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