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Poros trails

The enchanting beauty of Poros, a verdant island in the Argosaronic Gulf, has captivated nearly every artist, poet, and writer. Be sure to explore the town and port of the island, which are built in an amphitheater style facing Troizinia. Poros covers an area of 23 square kilometers and comprises two smaller islands, Sphaeria (the capital and port) and Kalavria, connected by a bridge over a narrow channel that separates them. Originally, Kalavria was dedicated to Apollo, but was later exchanged with Poseidon for Delphi. This part of the island is lush and green. On the other hand, the smaller Sphaeria is a volcanic rock, upon which the present city is constructed. To experience the best of Poros, visit Poros Trails, which offers access to the most beautiful parts of the island throughout the year. For more information, visit their website at

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Directions to Manessi Boutique Hotel Arriving by High-Speed Boat (Flying Cat, Aero, etc.):Upon your arrival at Poros via a high-speed boat, such as Flying Cat […]

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Resilience Fee

Manessi Boutique Hotel** Resilience Fee (Τέλος Ανθεκτικότητας)** Month (Μήνας) Fee per Room/Day (Τέλος ανά Δωμάτιο/Ημέρα) March – October (Μάρτιος – Οκτώβριος) €3.00 November – February […]

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